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Plastic and Polymers

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In the EU alone, the Plastic Industry employs roughly 1.4 million people and has a total turnover in excess of 300 billion euros.

Plastics are widely used multi-purpose materials and are critical to the global economy – recognising the value and importance of this industry, our dedicated plastics division was born. Our experienced consultants work, on a daily basis, with plastic material producers and compounders, as well as masterbatch and additive manufacturers.

Plastic materials are used in many different industries including aerospace, automotive, electronics, lighting and medical to name a few. Because of this, we find that assignments require individuals with the relevant plastics knowledge as well as specific industry experience. These positions are highly technical and extremely specialised, and it is our knowledge and expertise alongside our Forensic Search process which ensures that we are always delivering the best possible candidates

Spanning across the globe, we have successfully filled positions right through from Houston, across Europe to Asia, and specifically a number of positions in Malaysia and mainland China. Generally these positions stretch from Technical Service and Development Engineers, right through to Board Level positions.

With the opening of our Hong Kong office in 2014, our team is well placed to continue our growth and success within the Plastics industry.
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