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The global luxury brands market has grown around 5% in the last year, and is now expected to be worth in excess of £170 billion.

This industry never sleeps and is forever evolving and expanding, making it even more important to have the right candidates in place during times of growth. In order to meet these ever-growing recruitment needs, the dedicated luxury brand recruitment desk was established. Possessing an undeniable passion for all things luxury, they are committed to staying abreast of the industry; always catching up on the latest blogs, keeping an eye on who is moving to whom, and identifying what is causing a stir.

In recent times, we have seen considerable growth within the emerging markets which has motivated us to use our extensive skills and knowledge to enable our clients to expand here.
Toni Crews
Global Account Director for Luxury Brands

The luxury brand recruitment team pride themselves on being more than headhunters, they are experienced consultants who can offer advice on current market status. Fresh developments have engaged the team with large luxury brands starting various projects in the likes of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Beirut, North America, Russia, Switzerland and South America. These are complex markets, requiring those with strong networks and the ability to map out the whole market with precision, continuously identifying the high achievers and most gifted individuals.

A recent project we worked on took place in South America, Mexico to be precise. The task given to find three positions, Visual Merchandising Manager, Retail Director and a Retail Merchandising Manager for Women’s. These particular profile’s had to have a strong luxury fashion background, whilst also being a native of the country. Experience within various parts of South America were crucial to this role and of course, extensive market knowledge too. Fluency in English was also a must-have, along with strong communication skills. Our team were able to present a shortlist within three weeks, and all roles successfully filled creating an award-winning team.

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