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The Finance of Recruitment

Wall Street cuts after German bank relocates jobs to Frankfurt

A Shortlist within 15 Working Days

SPS International is aware of the costs involved in recruitment and how much it can hurt you when a key position needs filling. SPS understand this as we are recruiting for new consultants and are missing potential opportunities because of it. I can only imagine what it costs to have a Key Account Manager position left open. Once retained SPS will provide a shortlist in just 15 days; all from your competition, all with the right experience and all excited about your opportunity – ready to interview.


Our retainer will probably cost you less than a decent advert in a magazine and who’s to say your ideal candidate will even notice it. SPS is the best advert for your company, we can approach everyone doing the job you need doing and then sell them your opportunity. We can filter through the under qualified, the time wasters and job hoppers so you don’t have to.


The retainer guarantees that we will work that role until it is filled.  However, if you cancel the position or fill the position by other means we do not charge any extra fees. We are confident that this is the best cost model in our industry.

Cutting Costs

Click here to read a detailed article on how companies should approach any move to low cost countries and goes a long way to explaining SPS’s growing success in emerging markets. SPS is truly a global head hunter and the methodology of our search has been proven in every continent. Combine that with the best cost model in the business and SPS can take away the problems in recruitment when moving new business abroad.

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