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Executive movements – A Year in Executive Search

The executive search market is booming, with the majority of high-profile job placements being facilitated by specialist recruiters in the headhunting and executive search sector. The pace of change, the removal of geographic barriers and the appetite for high-flyers to accelerate their careers and enjoy new challenges have led to some very interesting appointments of late. Let’s take a look at some of the high-profile executive movements from 2012.

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo!

Marissa Mayer was the target of one of the most public career transitions facilitated by executive search services last year, leaving her former role as the VP of Local, Maps and Location Services at Yahoo! to become the company’s president and CEO! The appointment took place on the 16th July 2012 and was effective from the following day.

Marissa attended Stanford University and has had a meteoric career in the technology and digital sector to date. Previously a long-term spokesperson for Google, she is already famed for being the youngest ever CEO of a Fortune 500 company and already ranks at number ten on Forbes’ 2012 list of Most Powerful Businesswomen in the USA. She has courted controversy since her appointment for implementing a major policy change in remote working, insisting that all staff return to the office (before Marissa rose to the top, Yahoo! had championed the work-from-home movement). Her name is likely to be heavily in the media as she transitions into her new role.

Kazuo Hirai, Sony

Kazuo Hirai was appointed president and CEO of Sony on February 1st 2012 (effective from the 1st April). He has been listed in Entertainment Weekly as one of the entertainment industry’s most powerful executives and played a fundamental role in the phenomenal success of the PlayStation. His marketing methods, particularly in respect to advertisement placement within the commercial breaks of large US sports shows, were credited with introducing new markets to computer gaming and transforming the broad appeal of the PlayStation. He attributes his success in cross-cultural marketing to a childhood that saw him travel across Japan, Canada and the USA with his banker father. He studied at an American/Japanese school.

Trevor Moore, HMV

Trevor Moore replaced Simon Fox for the HMV Group from September 3rd of last year. However, he has since left HMV along with sixty head office staff. The top-level workers departed the company with redundancy packages that were created by Deloitte, which is overseeing the company’s administration. Despite the downfall of HMV, which was driven by a rapidly changing market, Moore is expected to return to a high-profile position in the near future.

Mike Ullman, J. C. Penney

Mike Ullman returned to J.C. Penney as CEO after taking two years out of the job. He took over the role from Ron Johnson, who was removed from the position in the second week of April 2012. Mike Ullman has received plenty of press coverage following his return to the store and has been noted for his passion and enthusiasm about building the brand, focusing on financing and promotion.

The high-profile appointments mentioned above show that specialist search services are still in great demand across an array of sectors, particularly as business becomes more global and the pace of digital services accelerates. The challenges in the retail sector are creating many opportunities for those senior executives keen to revolutionise old business models and breathe fresh life into the retail experience. And the digital and technology sectors show that recruitment at the highest levels can – and will – encompass ever younger people and a greater number of women. It is an exciting time for those involved in recruitment, not to mention those seeking to be recruited.

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