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Agriculture » How the Agricultural Industry is Engaging the Food Value Chain to Improve Lives

How the Agricultural Industry is Engaging the Food Value Chain to Improve Lives

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In many countries large groups of farmers are living a subsistence existence where they can barely produce enough food to support their families, let alone develop a commercially viable farm to sell their products and improve their quality of life.

So how is the agricultural industry transforming lives?

Leading Global Companies across the food value chain are taking the opportunity to embrace this potential in the market. Both through companies directly supplying to their agricultural supply chain, Government Initiatives, NGOs, International Food Security Bodies and advantageous credit agreement for agricultural inputs (crop protection, seeds, biotechnology & fertilizers) these farmers are being given the opportunity to form part of the wider food value chain. This means small holder and subsistence farmers are now suppliers to the commodity, trading and food production industries and can move past subsistence farming into an environment where they are running profitable farms and farming communities.

What is more through maximising the potential of arable land in less developed areas in a sustainable manner we are taking the right steps towards food security for the future.

At SPS International we are very proud of the work we have done in supporting these market developments to be realised through the placement of highly experienced leaders across the agro science markets – the people who are leading this from the front and ensuring long term sustainability and growth for us all.

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