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SPS International Executive Search Success Stories

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At SPS International we pride ourselves on the ability to successfully fill difficult positions and to present our clients with full shortlists within fifteen working days. “Difficult” can mean roles where other methods of sourcing candidates e.g. advertising, internal recruitment teams, contingency recruiters have failed. It can also mean extremely niche and specialised positions where there is only a limited number of candidates with the necessary skills and experience.

Whilst we do aim to present every shortlist within the fifteen working days timeframe it is not always possible to achieve this. We are equally proud of our ability to persevere with difficult positions until the right candidate is identified. Therefore we promise that we will not stop working a position until it is filled.

Here are some recent examples of positions filled by myself and my team that illustrate this:

Regional Sales Manager China – Formulated Resins on behalf of a $2.5bn turnover Chemical client.

Having filled the European position for their Formulated Resins division the client then asked us if we could find a suitable candidate in China. They explained that there had been a number of local Chinese recruitment agencies that had been working the position. These agencies had identified suitable candidates but any negotiations were unable to reach a successful outcome.

As he has lived and worked in China and Hong Kong for many years it made sense to give this assignment to Andrew Mitchell. Andrew is fluent in Mandarin and importantly also understands the Chinese business culture. Combining these skills with the chemical industry expertise of SPS International meant that the client wanted to hire the very first candidate that Andrew presented to them. From receiving the assignment to presentation of candidate took only seven days. By acting as an intermediary Andrew was also able to successfully conclude salary negotiations between client and candidate. The candidate has since started with the organisation and is already making a significant contribution to the business.

Technical Service & Development Engineer – Plastics on behalf of a $6bn turnover Chemical client.

The client came to us at the end of 2012 with this position. Despite using a number of different methods they were unable to fill the position themselves and the role had been open for six months. They explained that one of the major obstacles was the location, being a more rural area it did not hold much appeal for those more used to City living.

During the search I was able to identify a number of suitable candidates, due to the location these candidates did not want to proceed further. As a result I had to expand the search to surrounding Countries and I was able to find a candidate who was prepared to relocate. Unfortunately this candidate declined the offer due to personal reasons.

By this stage the position had been open for a considerable amount of time and it was beginning to have an impact on their projects. I assured the client that we do not and would not stop working the position until it was filled and initiated further research.

Out of this research I was able to present a new candidate to the client. I was extremely confident this person had both the professional skills to be a success but I was also extremely impressed with their personal skills. Additionally this candidate was prepared to relocate to the target Country, was already taking language classes and described himself as particularly interested in the culture of that Country!

Once the interview had been arranged I was quietly confident, believing that the candidate fulfilled all the requirements of the role. When the client rang to discuss the meeting he confirmed he wanted to make an offer to the candidate as quickly as possible and confirmed that he had everything they were looking for and then some.

Salary negotiations were able to be concluded smoothly and everyone involved is looking forward to the candidate joining the company.

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