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All News » Headhunters have the upperhand for recruiting within the fashion and luxury goods industry

Headhunters have the upperhand for recruiting within the fashion and luxury goods industry

Fashion Brands Target Athletes

Headhunters can hold the key to ending the struggle luxury and fashion companies are having hiring and retaining quality staff.

Headhunting professionals are preparing to ‘swoop in’ after a major industry report highlighted that almost 70 per cent of these companies said they had difficulties recruiting the talent they want and need.

It has been a challenging time for headhunters recently due to a huge fall in major-company recruiting, but this new trend looks set to put them back in the spotlight when it comes to providing the staffing solutions to keep businesses ahead of the game.

Lack of Access to Talent

‘The Race for Talent: Fashion and Luxury’s Greatest Challenge for the Next Decade’ is a new report that revealed that half of all luxury and fashion firms have inadequate access to the finest creative talent. There is also an almost unprecedented need for business professionals and those who can combine the two, making it an ideal time for headhunters to demonstrate their unrivalled position as a talent-finding platform.

The report, published by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and The Business of Fashion, revealed that almost 70 per cent of those who responded to a survey said it was either ‘very difficult’ or ‘impossible’ to find the highest-quality creative directors with a knowledge of design and products. There is a major shortage of staff in the technical design field and 42 per cent of those surveyed said that there was a shortage of pattern makers.

The industry is also experiencing a huge problem in recruiting database managers, technical managers and web developers at a time when these roles could hold the key to a company’s success. A massive one third of those questioned said they found it ‘very difficult’ or ‘impossible’ to recruit an e-commerce manager.

Showcasing Talent-Finding Skills

The key findings of this report help to ensure that headhunters can identify areas of most concern within the industry and provide effective solutions in the form of top-quality staff. It is a time when headhunters can showcase their skills in searching for the best professionals to fill the large number of vacancies that exist.

They can provide an answer to the problem of too few fashion and luxury firms putting in enough effort when it comes to employer branding and failing to attract job applications for the highest-profile roles, such as general manager and CEO positions, from candidates with industry-specific skills, as the report revealed. Headhunters could be key to finding staff with the necessary creative and analytical abilities, combined with international experience and brand and retail product expertise.

Already around 40 per cent of the talent required by the fashion and luxury goods industry is being sourced by headhunters and recruiters, the latest study discovered.

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