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How to Get Your Dream Job as a Fashion Retail Manager

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The world of fashion offers an exciting array of employment opportunities, from design to retail. If this is a field you are passionate about, becoming a fashion retail manager could be the perfect career for you. The role includes managing staff, dealing with customer enquiries, managing stock and displays and ensuring the smooth running of the retail establishment. Combining a love of fashion and a keen head for business, this job is fast-paced, challenging and offers the opportunity for stylish lifestyle. Follow these four simple tips to help you achieve your dream career as a fashion retail manager.

1. Gain Work Experience

Working in fashion retail does not require any specific qualifications, and in many cases experience is more important than your educational results. Most fashion retailer managers have worked their way up through the chain, beginning as shop floor or counter staff before progressing to managerial posts. However, managers from other professions may also have transferrable skills that will enable them to succeed in this field. Try to find relevant positions that will allow you to gain the necessary basic skills, such as arranging merchandise, operating the tills and serving customers. This could be in the form of work experience or entry-level cashier positions. This expertise will be invaluable if you wish to progress your career to a more managerial role.

2. Consider Acquiring a Degree

Although no formal qualifications are required for working in the field of fashion, working towards a degree can provide you with skills and knowledge that could be extremely useful. This could be in a variety of relevant fields, including visual merchandising, marketing, business, accounting or fashion management. Acquiring a relevant degree might make it easier for you to land a managerial role, helping your career to advance more quickly as well as leading to increased financial rewards.

3. Perfect Your Skills and Identify Your Strengths

As a fashion retail manager, there are a number of additional skills that you will need to develop. The role will include responsibilities such as the recruitment, management and training of staff, so you’re interviewing, communication, organisation and motivational skills will need to be excellent. Managing stock levels accurately is vital to the success of the establishment, so you will need good decision-making capabilities and an eye for predicting future trends. Keeping up with the latest fashion news is crucial to allow you to stock the products your customers want. In addition, you will need to possess a knack for merchandising in order to create eye-catching displays to attract customers.

4. Undertake Regular Training

There is always something new to learn, so don’t forget to keep your training ongoing. Make sure you are always up to date with all the latest policies and procedures, undertaking off-site training if required. You can then pass this key information on to your staff if necessary to ensure they have all the relevant skills and information they need to carry out their job to the best of their abilities.

Follow these four simple steps and you could be well on your way to having a successful career as a fashion retail manager.

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