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All News » Cadillac: A Driving Force Behind Inaugural New York Fashion Week for Men

Cadillac: A Driving Force Behind Inaugural New York Fashion Week for Men

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In the past few years, many luxury fashion brands have formed partnerships that have increased sales and diversified their client bases. One such partnership is the one between the iconic car brand Cadillac and New York Fashion Week. Last year, Cadillac was a brand whose average customer was almost 60 years old, showing that their current marketing campaigns are bypassing the youth market. By sponsoring Men’s New York Fashion Week, they were bringing the brand into 2015 and giving it a much-needed update. The brand is known for its iconic style, representing the image of 1950s Americana, but it has been seen as ‘retro’ and old-fashioned, unlike other luxury car manufacturers such as Range Rover. By associating itself with edgy and fashion-forward companies that show at Fashion Week, Cadillac has put itself back on the map as a modern and desirable brand.

What Does the Collaboration Mean For Cadillac?

In choosing to sponsor Men’s Fashion Week in particular, Cadillac has drummed up much-needed publicity. They are the first company to sponsor Men’s Fashion Week, making the collaboration more newsworthy than if they had sponsored the women’s shows. The brand is also playing an active part in Men’s Fashion Week by allowing the desirable label Public Image to host their runway show in the car giant’s New York offices. They have also released several statements regarding their involvement, and a spokesman for the company revealed that their strategy was to target Millennials, the new group of spenders and trend-makers on every brands’ radar. Millennials are vital to marketers, as they not only have huge spending potential but also generate a large amount of free publicity via social media. Fashion show attendees put photos on Instagram, tweet about products and share links. If Cadillac can get Millennials to spread their marketing message, then their brand will be seen in a different light.

Successful Luxury Collaborations

There have been many other collaborations that have boosted the reputations of little-known or ageing brands. Many standard sponsors are companies related to the fashion industry, such as beauty brands or clothes shops. However, other companies, such as the UK phone retailer Vodaphone, have put their name to Fashion Week in the past. Vodaphone was a struggling brand, eclipsed by the fashionable status of Apple and the iPhone. By sponsoring London Fashion Week, they hoped the brand would be associated with luxury and style. A fashion association injected a much-needed boost of credibility. In the same way, Google partnered with luxury eyewear brand Luxottica, giving the technology company a fashion focus. Luxottica also benefited due to the strength and size of the Google brand.

Men’s Fashion Week is over for this year, but if Cadillac decides to continue their association with fashion, modernity and Millennials, then they will become more attractive to a younger demographic.

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