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All News » Dallas Proves to be New Battleground for Runway Fashion

Dallas Proves to be New Battleground for Runway Fashion

Fashion Brands Target Athletes

For many years, the city of Dallas was synonymous with the hit TV show following the fortunes of the Ewing family. People who had never heard of Dallas, Texas, suddenly knew where it was. Understandably, the show had a significant impact on the city – not only about how outsiders viewed the locals, but also how they viewed themselves.

The television series showed a unique take on style and fashion that many worldwide loved to laugh at, but many more took a steer from. These days, the shoulder pads might be long gone, but the hunger for high-end fashion has stayed and grown.

Highbrow Permission

The “stuck in time” image of Dallas, Texas, is finally shifting. When an industry stalwart such as Christina Binkley of The Wall Street Journal starts promoting somewhere for its fashion and style, the world will take note. The growing luxury shopping scene is expanding at such a pace that the rest of the world, including traditional fashion strongholds like London, Paris and New York, will have to take notice.


Keen to seize the momentum, the shopping scene is undergoing a lot of redevelopment, including the building of a new Forty Five Ten building that will sell leather goods, jewellery and designer clothing, as well as cosmetics. There will be 38,000 square feet of space over four floors, with promises that it will much more affordable than its predecessor.

Binkley references a McKinsey report that suggests Dallas will be a force to reckoned with in the fashion stakes now and well into the next decade. The report, as one might expect, puts Paris as the more influential fashion city in 2025, with Tokyo, Milan and London following behind. According to the list, only New York and Los Angeles are ahead of Dallas in the USA, despite their long association with the world of fashion and their considerably larger populations.

Why Dallas?

Despite its relatively small size in terms of population, Dallas has no shortage of cash and people who want to spend it. They work hard and they play hard, and having discovered luxury wares, and knowing they can afford them, they see no reason not to have them. Business is booming, and a celebrity following such as the likes of art collectors Derek and Christen Wilson or Cindy Rachofsky have all recently been seen sporting emerging and revered labels in and around Dallas such as Lanvin jeans.

The city’s social scene has a calendar packed with extravagant galas and black-tie events, so there is always a healthy demand for new trends and experimental ideas. Luxury designers want consumers with lots of cash, and in that respect Dallas is perfect.

Fashion is taken as seriously as some big sports, and in Dallas the university students even wear black tie and cocktail dresses to the football games.

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