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Companies Go Green With Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

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In a world that’s becoming more committed than ever to protecting the planet, companies are taking a major step in the right direction by using eco-friendly cleaning products to promote a greener working environment. As the European Cleaning Journal reported in February 2016, the market for cleaning chemicals has seen an upturn in recent months, which has in turn lead to increased pressure to provide eco-friendly options for homes and businesses.

The trend towards green cleaning in the commercial cleaning sector continues to gather momentum as the chemical industry commits to sustainable chemistry to develop eco-friendly processes. This promise is of considerable significance to chemical industry headhunters in their executive search for individuals who will champion this movement on behalf of big businesses, as it changes the face of chemical coatings recruitment for the better.

Why the Shift?

Investing in eco-friendly cleaning products is beneficial for companies in the long term for a variety of reasons. Using green cleaners leads to better air quality, which improves productivity, as well as the decreased likelihood of employees becoming ill and taking time off, which helps to save businesses money. Eco-friendly products have the added advantage of reducing the risk of chemical spills and fires.

As the market becomes more competitive, it makes sense that businesses are taking advantage of the lower prices of these products and saving on the amount of labour it takes to use them, as well as promoting the use of eco-friendly chemicals as a marketing advantage.

Helping the Planet

Many standard cleaning products – particularly sprays – contain volatile organic compounds that linger in the air, leading to pollution and a health risk. Toxic chemicals such as ammonia and phosphorus exist in bathroom cleaners and can be flushed directly back into the water supply, endangering both people and wildlife. Green cleaning products from brands such as Ecover and Bio-D utilise eco-friendly chemicals such as corn-based cleaning salts, naturally derived surfactants and potassium citrate, as well as natural ingredients such as citrus oil, beeswax and vinegar that can be used and disposed of in a way that limits this negative impact on the environment.

Companies can reduce their environmental footprint by making the switch to eco-friendly cleaning processes, which in turn promotes recycling and a healthier working environment. This sustainable development model is a key element of the corporate social responsibility as ‘green’ cleaning becomes the norm for businesses.

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