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All News » Water Treatment Additives Market Set To Hit US $35.2 Billion By 2020

Water Treatment Additives Market Set To Hit US $35.2 Billion By 2020

The water treatment additives market is going from strength to strength, driven globally by emerging economies and changes to government regulations in these nations.

Water treatment involves removing contaminants from the water, generally to make it potable. Besides drinking water, these treatment processes are employed in a range of different industrial environments, including oil and gas, medicine, chemicals, electronics and the paper and pulp industry. Using water treatment additives allows technicians to optimise the process, and demand is booming – as is the array of additives available, including corrosion inhibitors, organic polymers and scale inhibitors.

Growth Factors

Key factors in the growth of this sector are rapid industrialisation and growing urban populations, with both leading to greater demands for clean, drinkable water. A drive to reduce or eradicate water-borne diseases and develop safe water resources is becoming a major goal of developing countries. Environmental issues are also rising in prominence, given the background of the Paris climate talks, leading to new government policies focussed on reducing pollution caused by untreated wastewater and industrial effluent.

Organic polymer additives constituted a quarter of global revenue in the treatment additives market for 2014, and a quarter of global sales volume. Scale inhibitors hold an equal market share but a higher share of volume, at 29 per cent. Growing water scarcity and new governmental regulations on safe water use have attracted the attention of market analysts. In a new report from IndustryARC, it is predicted that the water treatment additives market will grow to $35.2 billion by 2020, driven by compound annual growth rates of almost six per cent.

The Chinese Miracle?

In 2015, the additives market reached values of $26.4 billion, with the Asia-Pacific region accounting for a 35 per cent share of market revenue. Due to increasing demand from emerging economies such as China and India, Asia-Pacific market share is predicted to reach 38 per cent of global market share by 2020. China is the market with the most potential, where growing demand for the water treatment sector is caused by critical water shortages arising from the expanding population and the costs of pollution from the nation’s stellar economic growth.

As a result of greater demand for water treatment recruitment of qualified water treatment technicians has also increased. A headhunter involved in this industry can expect greater competition, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, corresponding to market demand. SPS is an executive search consultancy with a global reach, specialising in water treatment recruitment amongst other sectors.

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