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All News » Adapting Food Packaging to Meet The Needs of One Or Two Person Households

Adapting Food Packaging to Meet The Needs of One Or Two Person Households

A trend for smaller households is driving packaging innovation and shaping internal product teams as manufacturers strive to meet the needs of people who live alone or with just one or two other people.

In America, more than half (61 per cent) of all households are occupied by one or two people, and now package sizes aimed specifically at this market are a big trend. The aim is to offer packaging to serve small households, and formats include meals for two, resealable packages, individual portions in multi-packs and single-serve fare.

The Packaged Facts

Food and beverage headhunters are continually on the lookout for individuals tapping into the latest trends, and that means people who understand the changes that have taken place in eating patterns, lifestyles and demographics and how these differences are driving packaging production.

Those targeted in a food recruitment drive, for example, are likely to already know much of what is revealed in a new report from the Packaged Facts market research publisher. A current executive search will find people working in the industry that make it their business to focus packaging innovations on a world where, according to Packaged Facts, there are fewer married couples, smaller households, more people living on their own and the needs of multigenerational households to consider.

These changes in demographics have led to alterations in eating behaviours. According to recent data, there are now more meals that are eaten alone, more snacking occurring and more multi-shopper households. These trends have led to a rising number of manufacturers packaging fresh produce specifically aimed at those people seeking convenience for snacking on the go.

Save It for Later

Some of the most sought-after individuals on the food and beverage headhunters’ ‘wanted’ lists will understand why the popularity of stand-up, resealable packaging is booming. This space-saving packaging is perfect for domestic and retail shelves, stands out in the retail environment and offers the flexibility to allow consumers to keep food fresh for later use.

Marketers are also increasingly using pouches to appeal to consumers, whilst smaller packaging makes portion control easier and can lower calories per serving – something which may be particularly popular when it comes to beverages and snack foods. Pepsi and Coca-Cola, for example, offer drinks in mini-cans containing just 7.5-ounce servings, as well as in a huge variety of other sizes to suit a multitude of needs, from sharing packs to regular cans and personal bottles.

Transparent packaging is another trend proving conducive to higher purchase rates. Consumers like being able to see what they are buying in advance, especially when complemented by a choice of package sizes to reflect the need for multiple packaging options.

These changes in consumer demands and marketer priorities are increasingly reflected by changes within company’s internal product teams. This is where food and beverage headhunters and food recruitment executives are being called on in a bid to adapt these teams and source the new recruits and specialist expertise required.

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