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Are Biodegradable Water Bottles The Future?

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With more people than ever showing an interest in green alternatives to everyday items, an Icelandic student has broken new ground in the war on waste by designing the world’s first biodegradable water bottle. Product design student Ari Jónsson unveiled the bottle at the ‘Drifting Cycles’ exhibition held during the Reykjavik DesignMarch Festival, and it’s already being hailed as the future of packaging as the industry makes efforts to adapt and develop more sustainable, eco-friendly products.

Made from red algae and other natural plant materials, Jónsson’s bottle is designed to keep its shape until empty and then to completely break down over time. With its sturdy structure and attractive appearance, the bottle does the job it was designed for with little indication of just how special it is. But this is an impressive leap forward in green packaging, with many suggesting it could be the green model for other types of packaging in the future.

A Green Development

A plastic bottle can take up to a thousand years to completely biodegrade, and with America alone consuming upwards of fifty billion bottles of water every year, the majority of plastic waste ends up in landfill or polluting the oceans and other natural environments. The environmental damage which is caused by global over-consumption of plastic bottles and other types of packaging is immeasurable, which is why Jónsson, who is studying at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, decided to explore alternatives.

Jónsson’s bottle is largely made from algal, a product of algae. Because it is an entirely natural product, it can decompose naturally once it has reached the end of its working life – and that means no waste products and no impact on the environment from transporting it to landfill.

Good News for Plastics Industry Recruitment

The biodegradable bottle heralds good news not just for the environment but for plastics industry recruitment worldwide. With more than five million people employed in the packaging industry across the globe, the sector’s future and jobs are dependent on its ability to adapt and address the issues of climate change and sustainability.

As we consume more eco-friendly packaging, polymer chemistry recruitment and recruitment to specialist design roles in the plastics industry are going to become ever more important to the sector. As a whole, plastics industry recruitment has weathered the economic downturn well and is, in fact, more buoyant than ever, with specialist firms such as SPS International providing global executive search services to some of the industry’s most forward-thinking companies.

With growing demand among manufacturers, retailers and the wider public for this sort of well-designed and less environmentally damaging packaging product, Jónsson’s biodegradable water bottle offers a glimpse into a brighter and greener future for the packaging industry.

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