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All News » Petrofac awards Veolia France with Water Treatment Contract

Petrofac awards Veolia France with Water Treatment Contract

The Rabab Harweel Integrated Project (RHIP) in the south of Oman is a huge project involving gas processing facilities and export pipelines. It processes oil and gas from the Harweel oil reservoirs and gas with condensate from the Rabab reservoir. Petrofac are the managers – they’re already well known as leading suppliers of services to the oil and gas industry.

Veolia – A Major Player in Water Management

In the UK we tend to think of Veolia in connection with waste management – we see the Veolia trucks trundling round the streets emptying bins, and they manage many household waste sites on outsourced contracts from our councils.

Less well known is their enormous presence in the international water industry, although it’s perhaps less surprising when you look at the company’s history. Veolia started life as Compagnie Générale des Eaux (CGE). It was set up in 1853 after an imperial decree. Its founders had two objectives: to provide water for France’s cities and towns and irrigation in the countryside. CGE’s first contract was to provide a supply water to the city of Lyon. The company was given a 50-year contract to supply water to Paris seven years later.

Today they supply one hundred million people with their drinking water and manage water supply and replenishment for clients worldwide. Due to selective water treatment recruitment, they have the expertise to take almost any effluent and process it to achieve the water quality that is required. This is obviously useful in complex energy projects. They can also help with the management of tanks, using robotic cleaning methods.

It’s little surprise then that they’ve become a trusted partner for several oil and gas companies in Oman and have now signed a deal with Petrofac to supply water treatment systems for the RHIP project.

What Veolia Will Deliver for Petrofac

Veolia’s role in the agreement with Petrofac will be to provide treated water for various uses, including drinking water, boiler feed and service water. Veolia Water Technologies have commented that because of their existing work in Oman, they can bring both local knowledge and international expertise to the project. They’re already involved in extending the Sur desalination plant south-west of Muscat, which will bring high-quality drinking water to 600,000 residents.

Clearly, their presence in the region is growing, and the relationship with Petrofac will serve to strengthen their partnerships with other major oil and gas companies. Petrofac has welcomed the alliance with Veolia because it gives them a strong team in Oman and helps deliver their long-term strategy, which is to build service capability in the country.

Veolia will almost certainly need to increase its capacity in the region, and we can expect a surge in water treatment recruitment and executive search, with a range of opportunities for engineers, project managers and others. Because of the specialised nature of some of the roles, a headhunter will almost certainly be needed to find suitable candidates, especially at executive level.

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