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New PumpDrive Boosts Speed For Waste Water Pumps

The new PumpDrive variable speed system by German system engineers KSB Aktiengesellschaft will be presented to the world for the first time at the IFAT fair in Munich from 30th May to 1st June. In addition to being an important trade fair, IFAT is a major opportunity for engineers and designers with the talent and potential to design world-leading products to network with executive search recruitment firms and major companies in the sector.

PumpDrive includes three exciting new features that make it particularly well suited to waste water treatment.

Rapid, Four Second Start

To rapidly establish a complete water column throughout the system, PumpDrive achieves its maximum set speed within four seconds of start-up. The pump will then ensure that this speed is maintained for a full three minutes after start, with the result that all components of the system are fully ‘primed’ with whatever fluid the system is to handle. Once this process is complete and the three minutes are complete, the pump will revert to its demand-driven, programmed operation.

Manual and Automatic System Flushing

Also present within the PumpDrive system is a System Flushing feature which can be activated manually by system control teams or automatically upon the detection of low system pressure. This feature is useful to clear the deposits that so often build up in the pipes of waste treatment systems and reduces the need for maintenance and system down time that can occur as a result.

On activation, PumpDrive will increase system flow rate to maximum pressure for a user-defined flushing period, whilst putting the current task on temporary hold. Once the flush process is complete and the system is clear of any harmful deposits, the pump will automatically revert to the previous task and the system will thus return to its normal active state.

Flow rate velocity monitoring

This feature, included within the PumpDrive system, automatically monitors the flow rate velocity through the entire system at all times, without the use of any external equipment, If the PumpDrive detects that the flow rate has fallen below a pre-set user defined level, it can either sound an alarm, transmitting an warning message to the control station; or automatically activate the System Flushing function explained above. This dramatically increases system reliability, reducing the need for engineering intervention.

Six Pump Parallel Use

By using plug-in bus lines, up to six PumpDrives can be together in parallel, distributing the load evenly between them. Units will start and stop automatically and will allow even the most complicated of systems to be operated without the need for manual intervention in all but the most serious situations. Used in this fashion, PumpDrive’s outstanding reliability and fault tolerance can dramatically increase the reliability and usability of any waste management system.

In addition to firms such as KSB Aktiengesellschaft, IFAT will be host to executive search recruitment, headhunting and other hiring specialists looking for designers and engineers with the skills and knowledge to design world-beating solutions such as the PumpDrive. If you think you have what it takes, why not come along to IFAT between 30th May and 1st June and speak to one of the many water treatment recruitment consultants at the event.

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