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Career Prospects In Chemical Sector Boom

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The latest figures from the Chemical Industries Association (CIA) have shown that there has been an 11% increase in the chemicals sector. This is fantastic news for all of those working within chemical industries and associated sectors. The broader industry currently employs around 160,000 people across the UK alone, and availability of new roles is growing as business expands.

Recruitment Is on the Rise

As a result, chemical industry headhunters are finding that business is also booming – from entry-level chemical industry recruitment through to executive search. Experts in the recruitment field believe that the growth in SMEs in particular will lead not just to a spike in chemical role recruitment but also pharmaceuticals.

Around 10,000 candidates are now being placed annually by chemical industry headhunters and recruiters into scientific R&D and manufacturing roles. Particular growth areas include technology and health, and roles from entry-level graduates through to experienced professionals are hotly in demand.

There are also notable peaks across certain British areas, including the North West, Oxfordshire and the East Midlands, all of which are known hub areas for manufacturing and research and development. Interestingly, the main businesses supporting recruitment growth are SMEs, because they are developing and making products for the sector’s bigger players.

The Importance of These Industries

Manufacturing is a strategic British industry, and the pharma and chemical industries drive its growth, particularly in the field of exports for manufacturing and overall yearly job growth. Alongside the 11% rise in chemical sector recruitment there has been a 10% rise in recruitment in the pharmaceutical industry.

The latter industry already employs 160,000 people, and this is growing in the UK. The sector’s growth is being powered by smaller players who are increasingly active in bringing in fresh talent and creating fresh roles.

Further research from the CIA suggests that 40% of the industry’s players expect to see their sales figures grow further this year. This growth will stimulate job creation to the point where experts also think there is likely to be a skills shortage in Britain in future years as demand for the best candidates exceeds supply.

Good News for Candidates

For those working in the chemicals or pharma industries, seeking to work in them or working in aligned sectors and the supply chain, these figures are encouraging and show the prospects for employment, advancement and diversification. Smart candidates will be ensuring they have the right skill sets for their desired roles, upskill into emerging areas, take on experiences that allow them to round out their CVs and build up relationships with recruiters in the field.

For those with the experience, qualifications and skills to thrive in chemicals or pharmaceuticals, the future is looking positive indeed.

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