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All News » Axalta Coating Systems launches Syrox, a new refinish brand

Axalta Coating Systems launches Syrox, a new refinish brand

Axalta Coating Systems
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Syrox is a new automotive paint system developed by Axalta Coating Systems (NYSE:AXTA). Axalta is one of the world’s leading suppliers of paints and powder coatings.

Syrox is a premium-quality paint system designed for refinishing cars at an affordable price. The system offers a complete range of undercoats, basecoats and clearcoats, as well as all of the ancillary products a bodyshop might need such as thinners, activators and cleaners. All products are manufactured in Europe using European technology and formulations.

Syrox USPs

As well as a refusal to compromise on quality, there are three other compelling reasons that Syrox stands out above the competition. These are Syrox’s colour-matching technology; Syrox’s simplicity of use; and the cost-effectiveness of the Syrox system.

The colour matching utilises Axalta’s own spectrophotometer technology – the Syrox Colour Reader. It is fast, simple to use and very accurate, and a paint can usually can be matched first time thanks to the range of colour tools in the Syrox system – there are over 70,000 colours in their online system.

Users can also access the online system via their smartphone. They simply need to scan the QR code on a Syrox bottle, and everything about the product, including data sheets and even videos, will be brought up directly onto the phone’s screen.

The Syrox system is simple and has been designed with the user in mind. The bottle design is an industry first. A special dosing lid is incorporated into the paint bottles which enables incredibly accurate pouring of paint to the level of a single drop. A viewing window or level indicator on the side lets the user know exactly how much is in the bottle. You can even stand the bottles upside down thanks to the flat-topped bottle cap so that there is absolutely no waste. Syrox comes in smaller bottles, which users find easy to handle and comfortable and more convenient.

Welcome Familiarity

Although Syrox is a new product, bodyshops will find that they are very comfortable with it – it is a traditionally applied paint that will feel familiar to them. In addition, there is also a suite of online videos that can provide complete support. Full coverage can be effected in just two coats. Syrox is much more cost-effective that premium brands, and yet the finish is tough, durable and beautiful.

The Syrox range is aimed at the mainstream automotive aftermarket segment and is suitable for bodyshops of all sizes that need to comply with VOC emissions regulations. It is manufactured in Europe to the latest VOC-compliant formulations. As well as launching in Europe, Syrox will also be coming to Australia, New Zealand, China and other parts of Asia throughout 2016.

The new range will undoubtedly create new opportunities and roles, fuelling coatings recruitment activity within the Axalta ecosystem and the wider automotive sector. If your business requires any assistance in coatings recruitment, why not contact the experienced coatings headhunters at SPS today?

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