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Designer Reshuffle at Belstaff

Designer Reshuffle at Belstaff

In a new twist for Luxury British brand Belstaff, Delphine Ninous has been named collection Creative Director. Having previously worked as Head of womenswear, Delphine now oversees both womenswear and menswear. The promotion follows the decision of Fredrick Dyhr, the former designer of menswear, to tender his resignation in order to explore new opportunities.

A new strategy

The luxury brand is looking to develop a strategy of cohesion between the two lines and has seized this opportunity to make the new appointment. Delphine will now be part of a plan to develop and expand the brand, which will inevitably require an executive search using seasoned luxury brand headhunters.

Delphine’s CV contains some impressive credentials, including Design Director at Paul and Joe, and placements in brands such as Diane Von Furstenburg, positions with which luxury brand head hunters would have undoubtedly helped.

The idea behind the new position is that a single Design Head will speed up the process of expansion. In order to develop the cohesion and bring together the new strategy envisioned by Chief Executive Gavin Haig, the British brand may opt to display both its men’s and women’s lines in a single fashion show next year.

When any retail operation expands, its success or failure is invariably determined by the efficacy of its luxury brand recruitment. Having the right people in the right place is critical; not only do they need to be appropriately talented but they must fully buy into the brand’s ideology in order to represent it.

The importance of recruitment

Any luxury brand’s recruitment strategy requires experts in their field to truly understand where the organisation has been, where it is going and the culture it wishes to promote in its journey. Each potential candidate will need to undergo in-depth interviews and be reference checked before being offered a position. This position should be on a trial basis whilst rigorous on-boarding is undertaken to impart brand standards and to identify any weak links within the team.

Belstaff’s revenue grew dramatically by 20 per cent by its January 2016 year end, and the luxury brand is keen to continue this growth. In order to achieve this again next year, the brand is looking to expand globally, with new stores planned for countries including South Korea and Japan.

With a global presence, recruitment will play a key part in the brand’s success and on-going story. Recruitment takes time and a poorly executed recruitment plan can cost a company dearly. If Belstaff wants to continue seeing a double-digit increase in revenues, its executive search strategy will need to be fully thought through, with all the key stakeholders involved.

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