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All News » Fairlife Milk Brand Creates New Packaging Awareness

Fairlife Milk Brand Creates New Packaging Awareness

Fairlife Milk Brand Creates New Packaging Awareness

Milk is a consumable that nearly all of us use on a daily basis but which is widely regarded as more of a necessary staple than a luxury item. However, the milk company Fairlife is looking to transform the way in which we view this everyday product through a series of re-branding strategies. Everything from the shape of the bottle to the milk’s longer shelf life is designed to alter our perceptions and to shake up the process of buying and consuming milk.

The first step for Fairlife was to take a step away from the packaging and containers that we are used to seeing in the milk aisle. Fairlife enlisted the help of the PET Bottle Experts at Plastic Technologies Inc., based in Ohio and specialist design firm, Kaleidoscope of Chicago. Collectively, these firms have created something new and innovative that is bound to turn heads. Marketing experts within the plastic and paper industry understand that our first impression of a product will have a major impact on our overall opinion of it. As such, creating something fresh and exciting was critical here.

The bottle

Cue the unique Fairlife bottle. It bears no resemblance to the traditional polythene jug, although it includes a gable top which has been used in milk packaging for some time. The PET bottle itself is ribbed and stylish with a full length sleeve. Not only does this label differentiate the product from the other bottles on display but it has a practical purpose too. The multi-layer sleeve helps to preserve the milk from degradation that can occur when it is exposed to light. This goes some way to projecting one of the milk’s best-selling points: a shelf life of up to 100 days in comparison to just a few days or weeks for typical milk.

The milk

And this isn’t the only difference. Fairlife’s innovative process means that its milk is heavily filtered, more pasteurised and consequently more nutritious than regular milk. With 50% more protein, 30% calcium and a lactose-free policy, there are health benefits in switching to Fairlife.

Fairlife has created a strong brand that will grab the consumer’s attention, ultimately directing them to the health and wellness benefits of the product it contains. And with the company’s drive and dedication to the cause clear, it seems there will be plenty of room for future improvements and developments.

Fairlife is already looking into reducing the weight of the bottle and the amount of outer packaging. With continued innovation, executive search experts specialising in paper industry recruitment will no doubt be identifying talent for Fairlife and its competitors.

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