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All News » Global Water Market Predicted to Increase 4.5% by 2020

Global Water Market Predicted to Increase 4.5% by 2020

Water treatment

A recent report by Research and Markets has revealed that the global gas and water valves market is expected to grow at a compound rate of 4.5% from 2016 through 2020. This growth has been attributed to rising demand within the water and wastewater industries, where the requirement for uncontaminated water for domestic consumption is higher than ever.

Rain. Some places in the world are desperate for it. Others, such as the UK, feel they have far too much. But the world relies upon rain for its water and as the global water market and populations grow, demand for clean, unpolluted water will grow too.

Most rainfall is lost to evaporation; about two thirds of it vanishes this way. Of the water that remains, most of it flows into water courses. Only a third of that original third is available to people. And that limited amount must keep humans alive and clean and help them to grow crops and run industries. This pressure is further compounded by the fact that water use per person is rising as more people have access to sanitation and clean tap water.

Even green energy needs water – lots of it

Water is also used in the production of energy. A key concern here is that “green” biofuels use far more water in their production process than traditional hydrocarbons. This is because the crops that form the basis of these fuels have to be irrigated in many countries in the world. This example alone shows what a complex system the global water market really is.

Spending on the treatment of water tracks the wealth and GDP of nations very closely. As large parts of the world, including India and China, see increases in their standard of living, the demand for better quality water will rise and so will the spend on water treatment projects. Controlling pollution is an increasing concern and this will lead to additional investment in infrastructure to improve wastewater treatment and to prevent contamination of water supplies.

Infrastructure projects needed across Europe

European countries with ageing water infrastructure will have to invest in new plant and equipment if they are to meet the on-going demands for water. The sector will need major projects and this will lead to a need for water treatment headhunters to recruit operational and strategic managers capable of leading the industry in this new phase of expansion.

The global water industry, therefore, looks set to ride out any recession or slowdown in the next few years. There will be strong demand for executive search consultants to deliver executives who are able to deliver water and wastewater capabilities and to educate stakeholders as to the importance of water conservation. Currently, water charges across Europe do not closely track the availability of water. That might be about to change as the industry seeks to align cost and consumption.

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