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All News » Monsanto and Sumitomo Chemical to develop new PPO technologies

Monsanto and Sumitomo Chemical to develop new PPO technologies

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Next-generation weed control is on the fast track to production thanks to a new global agreement between Monsanto and Sumitomo Chemical. The agreement is expected to be good news for the executive search industry. Innovative leaders in the field are likely to be targeted for roles in research and development, in addition to commercial disciplines such as marketing and sales. Although the resulting products will not be available for some time, this is being seen as an exciting step forward in PPO technology.

Monsanto already has herbicide trait upgrades in its research pipelines, these being geared towards and largely focused upon weed control. The research is in its infancy, with initial phases expected to be added to the company’s existing multi-herbicide tolerant trait stacks. Sumitomo Chemical has been working on PPO chemistry which uses broader spectrum control to enhance weed control systems, both those in existence and those that are still in development.

An exciting prospect for the industry

Executive vice president and chief technology officer of Monsanto, Robb Fraley, commented on the announcement of the agreement. He stated that the next generation PPO herbicide being developed by Sumitomo Chemical is an exciting prospect, and that he believes that it will prove to be a fantastic addition to next-generation weed control solutions.

The agreement will see Monsanto and Sumitomo Chemical develop an integrated system of biotechnology, germplasm and crop protection. This will require a great deal of collaboration between two large workforces. As such, it is likely to be good news for chemical industry recruitment, with a push towards executive search for experts in the field to drive the project forward. In addition, both companies will collaborate in development, registration, and commercialisation of Sumitomo Chemical’s PPO chemistries. This may open up the possibility for even more placement opportunities as chemical industry headhunters look to fill the gaps in other departments including policy, marketing, and sales.

Collaborative strengths in research and development

Sumitomo Chemical’s representative director and senior managing executive officer, Ray Nishimoto, commented on the agreement, also expressing positivity at the collaborative strengths of both companies. He emphasised the strength of Monsanto in developing herbicide tolerance traits and the world-class discovery program for crop protection products offered by Sumitomo Chemical. Additional intricacies and details of the agreement have not yet been released to the public. The herbicide is expected to be commercially available in the next decade once it has been through regulatory approvals.

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