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All News » Olympic Gold as Fashion Brands Target Athletes

Olympic Gold as Fashion Brands Target Athletes

Fashion Brands Target Athletes

As Rio 2016 draws to a close and the successful athletes return home to a hero’s welcome, much is made of their potential legacy in terms of encouraging the world’s couch potatoes to become more active.

But there is another area in which the athletic elite are gaining a growing reputation for influence – fashion.

Footballers such as David Beckham have long been in the public eye for much more than their prowess on the field. Appearing in ad campaigns and even launching their own fashion brands, the fit and goodlooking household names have become part of the marketing world.

Top of Their Game

Luxury brands seek out the top sportsmen and women to provide us all with examples of how we can aspire to look wearing their clothes, driving their cars or toting their watches.

Olympic sportsmen and women, being at the top of their game by default, are the latest style icons and the target of fashion sponsorship, from sports gear to footwear.

Household names such as Usain Bolt, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Serena Williams and Nicola Adams are already used to having their faces emblazoned on the front pages of magazines, and many of the up-and-coming first-time Olympic stars will be given the same treatment this year as they return home cradling their gold medals to their chests.

Leisure Is King

This increasing use of athletes as fashion models comes at a time when the popularity of leisure wear is at a peak, being the dominant style when it comes to casual wear. Trainers, long a staple of every teenager’s wardrobe, now sell for hundreds of pounds as long as they carry the most fashionable logo, while the fit and healthy look is something everyone aspires to – even those of us who rarely leave our sofas.

This switch in fashion allegiance has given brands a whole new platform and opened them up to an entire new customer base – including sports fans.

Cruz the Icon

One new successful kid on the block is Victor Cruz of the New York Giants. A US style icon to rival David Beckham in Britain, Cruz is often voted on to the best-dressed lists, was named Givenchy’s face of autumn 2015 campaign and became an ambassador for the first New York Fashion Week for men.

He and others like him are providing luxury brands with all the material they need to make the public aspire to wear their clothes.

And these stylish young men and women are not only found on the front pages of the fashion magazines – behind the scenes, too, they are having an influence. Often seen sitting on the front rows of the world’s top fashion events, they are increasingly involved in collaborations with top designers, helping to form the next big thing in sportswear.

If your brand could benefit from using top sports men and women to promote your company, using top sportsman is one of the most effective ways of doing so. Why not discover what they could do for you? With the help of a top athlete, your future could be a gold-medal-winning one.

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