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Hire The Best Candidates: Streamline Your Recruitment Process

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The recruitment process for many companies takes its time, finding the best candidate with the right skills, temperament and fit for businesses, sometimes with multiple rounds of interviews to sort the best candidates for selection. Is this traditional process driving some candidates away? 

In a recent viral LinkedIn post, a software engineer leader, Mike Conley aired his frustration at a long and arduous interview for his ideal position which ultimately led to him removing his application from consideration.

He said “Today I pulled my name for consideration for a company I was interviewing with. It was a hard decision as I liked the company.

This was a company I did the first 3 rounds with two weeks ago.

This was for a role I wanted.

This opportunity was for pay I wanted.

This opportunity had all the benefits I wanted.

This company had a great mission I could support.

I decided to pull my name for consideration because they were working to schedule rounds 4-9 of the interview process with me.

For the types of jobs I’ve been looking for, the number of interviews has been getting higher and higher. Companies think they are building processes that ensure picking the right candidate. I don’t think that’s true. I think it’s due to fear of picking the wrong candidate. I think it’s fear they will not find the next unicorn. I think it’s fear of wasting time that ends up wasting more time.

It should not take 9 interviews for any role. You have trial periods. If you are still fearful, use contract-to-hire.

Increasingly making interviews more and more lengthy and difficult can lose you the talent you are making the process more difficult for. “

As an international talent consultancy, we know that companies with multiple stakeholders involved in the recruitment process and with a large volume of candidates or with a top performing position may take longer than usual to hire their perfect match. 

We commonly see that positions with longer recruitment processes often lose candidates. Candidates will ask questions about the position and the company too. 

Are they really interested in me? Are they serious about hiring? If I have to jump through this many hoops to get the job, what will it be like working for this company? 

How to retain more candidates in the recruitment process?

For candidates, the shorter the process the better but businesses may have many stakeholders, prerequisites and additional steps that can sometimes be essential. 

We have found that too many stakeholders can mean too many different opinions that could affect a quick and correct decision. Companies should ideally stick to 3 key stakeholders for formal interviews: HR, Direct Line Manager and the next level executive. 

However, we have also seen that businesses that include surrounding team members or colleagues can help to show an encouraging corporate culture as well as a supportive environment so it is often a good idea. 

We know that interest should be a two way thing: don’t just expect the candidate to know everything about the company or the job role. Employees should be willing to give an open explanation of the company’s history, culture and detail on the job role too. Especially when being headhunted, employees may want candidates more than candidates want to work at that company. 

Employees should make their offer quick too. After working with many companies around the world, there are a surprising number of employers who extend offers and take a long time to decide on those offers. 

On the flip side to this coin we know that it takes more than a single interview (more commonly over Zoom) to find your next top performer. Outlining the job role and figuring out who you need takes time as well as finding the ideal candidate who has the right experience, knowledge, attributes and fits into your team. Working with your talent agency to streamline your recruitment process as well as making all those steps easier will ensure you retain your candidates and find your next top performer. 

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