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Making the right selection: Choosing the best candidate for your business

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Selecting your top players is the first and often most important step for success in your team. Ensuring your team works well and to each other’s strengths is paramount to achieve your goals as well as making your well oiled machine run smoothly and efficiently, without any speed bumps. 

SPS International have had years of selecting the perfect candidate for 100’s of businesses and we’ve learnt what to look for when selecting the next top performer in your business. Looking past the polished resumes, scripted answers and candidates telling us what we want to hear, we have found through trial and error the best way to hire the most effective, creative and top performing candidates for your business. 

There are a wide variety of things employers can do when looking for their candidates as well as what to look for in prospective candidates that can help find your next hidden gem. We have highlighted some points worth sharing to help with your next new hire. 

Long Term Potential vs Immediate Impact

Outlining the role of the candidate you need is really important to find the type of candidate you select. Different roles will require different candidates. 

For many high performing executives, long term influence is a really important factor, this high performer may be representing the company for years to come so a long term plan and influence will be really important. Try looking for candidates with previous loyal experience as well as candidates with a long term plan. 

For businesses looking for a shake up, candidates who will make an immediate impact will likely be innovative in their knowledge and experience. Start up experience or extended learning will likely mean a depth of knowledge of new techniques or innovation. 

The role will depict what style of candidate your business requires so make sure to clearly communicate this with your team and hiring managers as well as to the candidate within the interview process too. 

Experience Of Your Candidates

Experience is a really important part of selecting any candidate, regardless of the role. Selecting a high performing candidate requires a scrutinous look of the experience of the candidate. 

Again there are different approaches for different types of roles. More experienced candidates can suit roles that require stiffer structure to the position whereas some companies look for “fresh” candidates who they can mentor and mold into the high performer they are looking for. 

Corporate Fit

Subject matter or previous roles for that experience can have a big impact on how candidates manage their positions once hired too. If a candidate is familiar to your industry there may be less training or onboarding required, on the other hand if the candidate has knowledge of a different industry that can compliment your business, this may influence your decision too. 

When choosing a new high performer, the majority of the selection requirements should be made with the role in mind. Is the position managing a team, working closely with clients or third parties, require a high level of experience or skill, among other things. The over arching bias in all of these points is that the candidate needs to fit in with your company first and the role second. 

High performers represent the company on a number of levels so having an individual that adapts quickly to the corporate culture, understands the mission and ethos of the company and can integrate into the team often can be more valuable than a more experienced candidate. 

Choosing your next new high performer can sometimes create its own set of challenges. Electing a talent agency to help manage the recruitment of your candidate can help make the right decision easily and quickly too. Get in touch with SPS International to learn more about how a talent agency can make your next hire, the best one. 

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