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The future of information transfer?

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Political shifts, human body evolution as well as the strong move towards sustainable lifestyles have brought a big change in food and animal feed legislation, especially in the last few years. 

For instance, England is currently experiencing an increase of 72% in the number of people suffering from food allergies, resulting in dramatic symptoms. This in turn increases the pressure for legislative changes in the food market, with some new laws recently being passed such as Natasha’s Law, requiring the clear listing of all ingredients in food prepared on the shop floor. Alternatively, last year one of the many new regulations stated that the compilation of a list for the intended uses of feed for particular nutritional purposes is obligatory, affecting the animal feed market in particular.

E- Learning platforms

Only these isolated excerpts reflect a small part of major regulations containing several legislative decisions within the last year. These significant obligations and changes have to be legally implemented by companies operating in the food or animal feed industry. Especially in moments of great change, these businesses tend to lose knowledge and uncertainty among both companies and individuals. But what can companies do to gain a clear overview of the current legislation within their market? 

In this regard, an e-learning programme, called Pen + Tec Academy, has been launched to provide clarity to companies and individuals affected by the food and animal feed market by offering a highly innovative approach through courses that reinforce the missing knowledge in the long term. Advice and guidance on how to create an EU-compliant label for animal feed, all the way through to the comprehensive insights and requirements needed to comply with the legal framework, are provided in these courses on a theoretical as well as a practical level. Thus, the most important legal requirements will be understood, claims and deep insights will be gained and the knowledge will be deepened with practical exercises. This e-learning variant provides a useful tool for professionals involved in labelling, regulatory affairs, packaging, artwork, importing and exporting.

This e-learning tool is one of the many services the Spanish consultancy firm Pen + Tec is providing. By advising their clients with the required regulations for the food and animal feed industry in Europe, companies witness a strong support in strategic advice on optimising the return on investment as well as a faster market of their products. Pen + Tec is working closely together with the European Food Safety Authority in order to provide the most accurate and up-to-date advice among their services, such as their e-learning platform. 

All in all, e-learning platforms might be the future in terms of extracting complex information, which is likely to change quite often, so companies remain having an overview and gaining the best advice. Additionally, e-learning participants experience a practical understanding, meaning a deeper insight of the market can be gained. 

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