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3D Printing

3D Printing is at the forefront of the next industrial revolution and is already beginning to change the way we think about design and manufacturing.

In the future, almost any product, from teeth to aeroplane parts, could be manufactured on site by 3D printers, saving time and resources whilst continually improving innovation. As a fledgling industry, it is critical for companies to hire the right talent to meet the demands of the future.  

With many years of fine-tuned recruitment experience, SPS International are well versed in the challenges companies face in recruiting within this niche sector.

Our team consists of industry specialist consultants, where we support many of the market-leading organisations across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas. We specialise in filling both high-calibre, senior, executive positions and niche positions, where there is a limited pool of candidates, and a high level of industry-specific skills required.

Search examples successfully managed and filled by SPS:

  • European Sales Director – Sweden
  • Technical Manager – Germany
  • Product Manager – UK  
  • Business Development Manager Automotive – Germany
  • European Market Manager Medical – UK
  • Business Director – China
  • Market Development Manager Aerospace – France
  • Business Director – USA

The additive manufacturing industry has grown by over 25% over past few years and is estimated to value in excess of $5 billion USD.

In this challenging marketplace, it is important to hire the best talent. By using our forensic search methodology, we can make sure your important opportunity is confidentially presented to the right professionals. This methodology allows us to identify, approach and define a shortlist from across the entire industry pool.

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