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Animal Nutrition & Health

Annual production of the world’s compound feed supply is fast approaching an estimated 1 billion tonnes and, as a result of this, global feed manufacturers are generating an estimated annual turnover of over $400 billion USD.

The world’s animal feed additives market is also poised to experience significant growth in the coming years, with projections showing that the market could reach $27.9 billion USD by 2021. As a result, recruitment across the Animal Nutrition sector is at an all-time high.

As specialist headhunters within the Animal Nutrition & Health sector, we have a proven and established reputation, and are supporting multiple clients in this ever-changing environment. Our team consists of industry specialist consultants, where we support many of the market-leading organisations across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas. We specialise in filling both high-calibre, senior, executive positions and niche positions, where there is a limited pool of candidates, and a high level of industry-specific skills required.

Today, our client portfolio stretches across the whole Animal Nutrition & Health industry, ranging from aquaculture to compound feed and premixes, as well as specialty feed additives.

We would like to remark on the dedication, close follow-up, accurate timing and exhaustive market research that SPS has provided at all times, also bringing the added value of accompanying the candidates during their transition process from one job to another, and being an active agent between the company and the candidates, in order to ensure maximum engagement on both sides. For this reason, we would not hesitate to recommend SPS’ services, especially for recruiting hard to fill positions.

In this challenging marketplace, it is important to hire the best talent. By using our premium market search methodology, we can make sure your important opportunity is confidentially presented to the right professionals. This methodology allows us to identify, approach and define a shortlist from across the entire industry pool.

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