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Crop Inputs

The agriculture sector has always been demanding, but now, with growers and distributors expecting greater levels of excellence in order to sell a company’s products, it has become increasingly demanding. With both the population and the agrochemicals industry growing faster than ever, the market is at a turning point, showing continued change and growth..

Recruitment of high-calibre candidates into the growing agrochemicals marketplace is vital. New mergers, acquisitions, and regulations are providing an exciting and challenging environment for new employees, and with growth showing no signs of slowing, the push for talent is vital for success.

SPS International’s team of experts work across the Crop Inputs markets, including:

  • AgTech
  • BioSolutions
  • Crop Nutrition
  • Crop Protection
  • Seeds & Traits

Our team consists of industry specialist consultants, where we support many of the market-leading organisations across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas. We specialise in filling both high-calibre, senior, executive positions and niche positions, where there is a limited pool of candidates, and a high level of industry-specific skills required.

In this challenging marketplace, it is important to hire the best talent. By using our premium market search methodology, we can make sure your important opportunity is confidentially presented to the right professionals. This methodology allows us to identify, approach and define a shortlist from across the entire industry pool.

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