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Industry is everywhere – from the shoes we wear to the cars we drive – it is the lifeblood of modern life. SPS International’s Industrial Division focuses on several core markets that offer a range of chemical and mechanical manufactured products into some of the most important global sectors.

Since its beginning, SPS International have been a trusted partner to many global leaders across different Industrial markets. Our team of specialists have many years experience in sourcing the best candidates from these challenging markets.

SPS International supports clients across the breadth of industry, including:

  • Adhesive and sealants
  • Building materials
  • Coatings
  • Plastic and polymers
  • Process Engineering & Equipment
  • Pulp and paper
  • Specialty chemicals and raw materials
  • Water technologies

Our assignments have been truly global, with appointments successfully completed in Russia, Central Europe, West Africa, Middle East, Asia, the USA and of course, the UK. We specialise in finding industry specific professional, including high-flying appoints such as VP’s, Directors and Sales and Marketing Executives, as well as key research staff, Technical Support Managers, Equipment Coordinators, Senior Procurement Buyers and Equipment Engineers.

In this challenging marketplace, it is important to hire the best talent. By using our premium market search methodology, we can make sure your important opportunity is confidentially presented to the right professionals. This methodology allows us to identify, approach and define a shortlist from across the entire industry pool.

If you wish to speak to our specialist Industrial team, please contact us via our contact form here.

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