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Market Intelligence & Mapping

SPS International offer a range of Market Intelligence & Mapping services either as a standalone solution or to supplement our Premium Search.

Market leading businesses are increasingly asking SPS International for detailed market intelligence to gain a competitive edge, to understand the landscape for future hires or looking into new business ventures.

We understand every requirement is unique, we therefore combine our consultancy know-how with true industry expertise to tailor our mapping solutions based on each clients needs.

We at SPS International offer three packages for Market Intelligence and Mapping: Salary Benchmarking, Market Mapping and Diversity Mapping.


Salary Benchmarking

Knowing if you’re offering a competitive salary and compensation package can help keep you one step ahead of your competition and give you the confidence what you offer is reasonable. Our bespoke salary benchmarking report will give you an accurate and impartial look at your remuneration and help in making the right decisions to attract and retain top performers, and ultimate save resources.

Benefits of Salary Benchmarking
  • Help to gain a competitive advantage against your competition
  • Assist in developing strategies for future recruitments
  • Improve employee retention


Market Mapping

Carried out by our expert consultants, our market mapping service is designed to uncover company organisational structures and current and future market conditions. This may be for used to assess passive candidates for future recruitment needs without the need for our full Premium Search, when looking into new markets or locations, or simply to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your market position.

Benefits of Market Mapping
  • Gain a better understating of potential candidates in your market
  • Deep analysis of your competition
  • Increase understanding of market conditions and opportunities     


Diversity Mapping

Having supported several companies to explore and increase diversity SPS International understands the challenges in creating a wide and diverse workforce. Our diversity mapping service is a bespoke solution for companies looking to build their talent pipeline and to see what talent is available to meet a defined diversity criteria. This solution can be used as a standalone product or in conjunction with our Premium Market Search and is suited to all profiles from Technical, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Top Management.

Benefits of Diversity Mapping
  • Need to attract and retain a more diverse profile of candidates
  • Require support on where and how to attract diverse candidates
  • Provides information needed to make correct business cases on talent pipeline


Find out if Market Intelligence & Mapping is right for your business by getting in touch with our consultants through the contact form below.

We would like to remark the dedication, close follow-up, accurate timing and exhaustive market research that SPS has provided at all times, also bringing added value in accompanying the candidates during their transition process from one job to another, and also being an active agent between the company and the candidates in order to ensure maximum engagement on both sides. For this reason, we would not hesitate to recommend SPS’s services specially for recruiting hard to fill positions.


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