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The Four Day Work Week

From the water cooler chatter to executive board meetings, businesses across the world have been talking about the four day work week.

While the potential for better staff satisfaction and work life balance has been highlighted as a key driving force for the four day movement, as business owners, the question still remains - how will one less day affect your business?


Will your company suffer from adopting this new working pattern?

We’re here to answer that question.


And, since the results of the UK-based 4 Day Week Global Pilot have come in, we’re excited to share our interpretation of the findings with you.

In this FREE 22 page tell-all whitepaper, we discuss the pros, the cons and the future of the standard work week all in one place.

So, whether you’re just interested in whether it will benefit your employees, impact your bottom line, or you’re even considering making a big change to your work patterns, download now.


Download Here

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