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Market Intelligence & Mapping

Market leading businesses are increasingly asking SPS International for detailed market intelligence to gain a competitive edge, to understand the landscape for succession planning or looking into new business ventures.

Our Services

SPS International offer a range of Market Intelligence & Mapping services either as a standalone solution or to supplement our Premium Search.

We understand every requirement is unique, we therefore combine our consultancy know-how with true industry expertise to tailor our mapping solutions based on each clients needs.

We at SPS International offer three packages for Market Intelligence and Mapping: Salary Benchmarking, Market Mapping and Diversity Mapping.

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Salary Benchmarking

Knowing if you’re offering a competitive salary and compensation package can help keep you one step ahead of your competition and give you the confidence what you offer is reasonable.


Our bespoke salary benchmarking report will give you an accurate and impartial look at your remuneration and help in making the right decisions to attract and retain top performers, and ultimately save resources.

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Market Mapping

Carried out by our expert consultants, our market mapping service is designed to uncover company organisational structures and current and future market conditions.


This may be for used to assess passive candidates for future recruitment needs without the need for our full Premium Search, when looking into new markets or locations, or simply to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your market position.

Diversity Mapping

Having supported several companies to explore and increase diversity SPS International understands the challenges in creating a wide and diverse workforce. Our diversity mapping service is a bespoke solution for companies looking to build their talent pipeline and to see what talent is available to meet a defined diversity criteria.


This solution can be used as a standalone product or in conjunction with our Premium Market Search and is suited to all profiles from Technical, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Top Management.

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Our Market Intelligence & Mapping services can help you gain a deeper insight into your sector as well as providing you with the advantage in your industry.

Why Choose A Dedicated Search Consultancy?

Executive search agencies or search consultants provide an in depth and comprehensive step-by-step recruitment process to ensure the perfect fit for businesses. Taking care in specifying the job requirements and specifications, building a shortlist of quality candidates ensuring the interview and selection process is as smooth as possible. 

Not only do executive search firms have extensive industry knowledge but also a wide database of candidates that may be ideal for your business. This is especially important for businesses wanting to find the perfect candidate quickly. 

What are the benefits of a search consultant?

Executive search has a wide range of benefits for high performing businesses: 

  • Working with an industry expert, executive search agencies will focus on candidates who fit perfectly within your business, using your specific requirements. 

  • Your industry expert knows the market inside and out, knowing where to find and select the top talent within the industry. 

  • Executive search will usually be for specific and specialist roles that will have very specific requirements and prerequisites. 

  • This method is significantly more time efficient than traditional recruitment techniques as executive search agencies will actively search for candidates as opposed to posting adverts on job boards and awaiting applications. 

  • Overall, executive search reduces the risk of a bad hire by hand selecting top quality candidates that fit the business and specific outlined requirements. 

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Does executive search actually work?

Executive search firms are dedicated to placing the perfect, high performing candidate into your business. Some hiring departments may not have the time and resource to fully search the market, draw on connections and build a list of performing candidates but that is why executive search works: the time, detail, depth and dedication.

Executive search firms dive into detail and depth for each project to find the top talent or niche profile which other traditional recruitment methods such as LinkedIn or job boards may not do. 

Market Intel

Our Market Sectors

SPS International work in three core sectors where since 2003 we have established ourselves as industry experts and the choice search partner in the sectors. 

Not only have we built relationships with many of the leading organisations within each sector but we have dedicated teams of principles and consultants focussed on those industries. 

Our three market sectors are Food & Agribusiness, Fashion & Retail and Industrial which covers a variety of core markets.


The Agribusiness and Agriculture production sectors are vitally important for the future in a world where the population is continually increasing. 


SPS International’s Industrial division focusses on several core markets that offer a range of chemical and mechanical manufactured products into some of the most important global sectors.

Nutrition & Health

Sustainable food and nutrition production is essential for businesses in this sector to grow. Innovation and development has seen a large drive for recruitment in this emerging market. 

Fashion & Retail

The global fashion industry is one of the most lucrative and recognisable industries. SPS International work across the global fashion and retail markets.

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What Clients Say

"You could go an entire career and not come across a recruiting talent like Jonathan. Jonathan recruited me for a role during his time at SPS International. One might be skeptical of a young recruiter like Jonathan at first glance, but over the course of the time that we worked together, he showed himself to be a star. I began to admire Jonathan for his diligence and his work ethic.


With an 8 hour time difference between us, Jonathan was available and engaged throughout the recruiting process with a level of care that is uncommon across the recruiting profession. He is the consummate professional and carries himself with poise, composure, and care for his clients. You will never feel like you're just another commission check for him. The best part is that he's still early in his career and growing at an impressive trajectory. Our interactions left an impression on me that shaped my own behaviour."

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