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Sustainability In 

We at SPS International work with many organisations across the globe that focus on building a sustainable and eco-friendly way of working. 

As specialist headhunters in many different industries and sectors, we've seen the importance of innovation and development in sustainable ways of working. 

Many of our clients and candidates are now heavily focussing in building teams that specialise in sustainability. We understand the need for top talent across all our industries and sectors to enable this research, development and innovation towards a more sustainable future. 

Under our speciality sectors, we work with organisations in the following areas to help create a better planet for the future. 

Animal and Human Nutrition & Health

  • Meat Alternatives

  • Methane Production

  • Sustainable Farming

  • Decrease in Antibiotics


  • Bio Stimulants

  • Digital Agriculture

  • Bio Control


  • Bio Plastics

  • Circular Economy

  • Energy Efficient Materials

  • Sustainable Materials

  • Water Treatments

Finding New Talent

As with many of our clients, a large portion of resources are spent finding more efficient, effective and sustainable practices in our core industries: Nutrition & Health, Agribusiness, Industrial and Fashion. 

Some organisations have dedicated teams which are solely focussed on sustainability which in recent years we've found to be more and more popular. 

Upon recognising this trend with many businesses, we at SPS International have made a dedicated shift to researching and investigating the best practices and best personnel in the industry. 

Modern Office
Man Working from Home
Attracting New Employees

We have also seen more and more candidates that take an active interest in organisations policies and practices around sustainability and how eco-friendly their organisation is run. 

As a search consultant we have seen candidates increasingly scrutinising environmental records, news headlines and working conditions upon deciding on their roles. 

The global pandemic has shifted the priorities of employees with more of a focus on the social responsibility of organisations, especially with the younger generations. 

Animal Nutritio
Market Intel

Brands We've Worked With

Agricultural Farms

What Clients Say

"I met Sam Farrell as a specialised head-hunter for the animal nutritional and animal health industry, and from the first moment his networking in the sector and his advices were important to stand out as a candidate. Sam was aware of every detail and his recommendations and support allowed me to succeed at each phase of the hiring process.


We even met before each interview and presentation to be sure I had the right information so it was easier to nail it down. I recommend Sam as a great head-hunter but also he was a great and funny person to work with."

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