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AgBio: Meeting The Growing Challenges

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

More sustainable farming practices and less reliance on chemicals for pest and weed control are becoming more in demand leading to a steady increase in the agribusiness market. Since the use of microbial-based agricultural solutions, including biocontrol agents, biopesticides and biostimulants enables the improvement of nutrient uptake and efficiency of use, increase resistance to abiotic stress, enhance soil health and quality characteristics. All of these benefits led to a shift of formation in the farming industry, drawing a 17% increase in certified farms between 2016 and 2019.

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As an Agribusiness Search Consultant, we know this shift is additionally reinforced by legal initiatives, such as European Green Deal, supported by a number of public-private partnerships, aims to reduce the number of chemicals used in crop cultivation by 2030, while Article 1109/2019 strives to consolidate the legal requirements for the authorisation of biostimulants on the EU market. Nevertheless, the BioAg market, just like any other industry, also needs to cope with the unprecedented global food demand, which according to studies is expected to increase by between 59% and 98% by 2050.


Not only the interplay of existing quality and increasing demand presents itself as a challenge in the BioAg market, but also the occurrence of changes within the industry including movements in R&D. A clear trend and focus on complementary combinations of biological products for synergistic solutions in agriculture is emerging.

That is because an integrated mix of micro-organisms, bio-fertilisers and biostimulants may represent the future of crop nutrition and protection, meaning that demand for innovators in product development is expected to rise further. Since 2019, companies aiming to obtain the CE marking to subsequently sell on the EU market must have biostimulants assessed by an independent notified body through the application of an appropriate conformity module (Module B+C or Module D1).

To ensure that all these trends of increasing health, meat-based feeds and sustainability in the animal feed industry are recognised and implemented in the best possible way, the corresponding skills for the respective management positions need to be in place. Whether your company needs help to meet this growth and trends or is looking for support along this journey, contact our consultant who works in the nutrition and health industry


These challenges and changes in the market require the best qualified professionals in order to meet expectations and demand. This is why Talent experts like SPS International, who have specialised in the crop input sector for more than 20 years, are vital for resilience in the market. Our search consultants have the detailed industry expertise and high quality network to help attract top candidates in this very competitive market.

We have successfully helped companies such as UPL, ApheaBio, Cortveva, Agrospheres and Agrofresh to fill relevant positions across the AgBio and Biostimulants industry with specific experience in Product Safety, Regulatory Affairs, Technical and Category Management.

The advanced network, recent success combined with our highly effective Full Market Search Solution, mean we are best placed to provide a shortlist of qualified candidates in 20 days and help your business overcome one of the biggest challenges.

Please contact one of our expert Consultants to discuss you’re current or upcoming recruitment needs.


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