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NOVUS International Case Study

Strong, lasting relationship through finding top quality candidates for NOVUS International.

Utilising our Premium Full Market Search service, Novus and SPS International have worked together to place 16 top quality candidates in total over a strong multi-year relationship since 2016.


NOVUS International are a market leading Animal Nutrition & Health company who specialise in feed additives for swine and poultry species. Headquartered in St. Charles, Missouri, USA, Novus creates animal nutrition solutions products for livestock, poultry and aquaculture. Novus operations include corporate offices, research and development laboratories and manufacturing facilities in more than 35 countries, as well as smaller offices with field staff in an additional 60 countries.

When looking for top quality candidates, Novus experienced difficulty finding the right calibre of candidates to fill their vital positions in the business. When using job adverts, they found that the candidates were poor and not what Novus were looking for.


When approached, SPS International advised that Novus would benefit from the full market search solutions to map the market, find and qualify the best candidates and place these “difficult to fill positions”.

SPS uses market knowledge and in-depth market research to carry out a full market search for every position, communicating with all relevant candidates at direct and in-direct competitors to source the best candidates in the market.

After extensively vetting candidates, reviewing their strengths and the position’s requirements, SPS offers a shortlist of the best-fit candidates.

Using this tried and tested methodology, SPS has been able to fill 16 executive level positions in EMEA since 2016. As Novus continues to grow, so does the strength of relationship with SPS International.

“We would like to remark the dedication, close follow-up, accurate timing and exhaustive market research that sps has provided at all times, also bringing added value in accompanying the candidates during their transition process from one job to another, and also being an active agent between the company and the candidates in order to ensure maximum engagement on both sides. For this reason, we would not hesitate to recommend SPS’s services specially for recruiting hard to fill positions.”

Andres Gonzalez, Sr. Manager Human Resources, EMEA


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