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What Is Executive Search And How Can It Help Your Business?

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Recruiting for high-performing positions can sometimes be difficult, especially in a competitive industry.

Whilst searching for your next top performer there are lots of road blocks that you may face: competitor insight, market knowledge, compensation levels, further perks and benefits competitors offer and of course finding the best candidate that fits your business.

What is executive search?

Executive search or executive recruitment is the process of finding high performing candidates for senior level positions. Executive search agencies operate with significant market knowledge with a wide network in that market to find the best candidate for your business.

In some agencies, this is known as search and selection or headhunting as the process of executive search is recognised for it’s proactive approach, actively searching and picking the top candidates for the business.

Why choose executive search methods?

Executive search has a wide range of benefits for high performing businesses:

  • Working with an industry expert, executive search agencies will focus on candidates who fit perfectly within your business, using your specific requirements.

  • Your industry expert knows the market inside and out, knowing where to find and select the top talent within the industry.

  • Executive search will usually be for specific and specialist roles that will have very specific requirements and prerequisites.

  • This method is significantly more time efficient than traditional recruitment techniques as executive search agencies will actively search for candidates as opposed to posting adverts on job boards and awaiting applications.

  • Overall, executive search reduces the risk of a bad hire by hand selecting top quality candidates that fit the business and specific outlined requirements.

Executive search agencies provide an in depth and comprehensive step-by-step recruitment process to ensure the perfect fit for businesses. Taking care in specifying the job requirements and specifications, building a shortlist of quality candidates ensuring the interview and selection process is as smooth as possible.

Not only do executive search firms have extensive industry knowledge but also a wide database of candidates that may be ideal for your business. This is especially important for businesses wanting to find the perfect candidate quickly.

Why executive search works?

Executive search firms are dedicated to placing the perfect, high performing candidate into your business. Some hiring departments may not have the time and resource to fully search the market, draw on connections and build a list of performing candidates but that is why executive search works: the time, detail, depth and dedication.

Executive search firms dive into detail and depth for each project to find the top talent or niche profile which other traditional recruitment methods such as LinkedIn or job boards may not do.

What is the difference between executive search agencies and talent consultancies?

Executive search agencies focus on placing high performing candidates that are the perfect fit for businesses whereas talent consultancies often offer so much more.

SPS International offers a range of candidate representation options and market intelligence & mapping that helps inform businesses, place top performing candidates and helps to grow businesses worldwide.


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