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What Is The Premium Full Market Search

As a premium talent consultancy, placing candidates all around the world for over 20 years, we have honed our search process to give the best results for companies looking to place hard to fill and critical positions.

Our premium full market search is one of our main offerings that we specialise in, with many businesses throughout many industries.

In this blog we look at what our premium full market search involves and how it can benefit businesses all around the world looking for their new top performer.

6 Steps In 4 Weeks

At SPS we ensure we take a detailed and thorough approach to any search and nothing more so than our premium full market search. For every search we do, we have 6 tried and tested steps that helps us gather your requirements, find the best candidates and make sure they’re the right fit for your company.

Step 1 – Position briefing

We take a detailed, in-depth and comprehensive brief of your needs including role and personal requirements alongside establishing a clear search timeline.

Step 2 – Research Phase

The first week will include an extensive search into the market to uncover every profile on the market, not just those active or most visible ensuring that we find the uncovered talent that could be perfect for your business. This starts by agreeing a target company list of direct, indirect and other relevant companies that may house the correct individuals.This step also involves producing a long list of prospective candidates using our extensive research methods including direct research, networking, online and social platforms.

Step 3 – Recruitment Phase

In weeks 2, 3 and 4, we proactively approach and sell your opportunity to every potential candidate on our list which usually includes between 100-150 people. All potentially strong candidates are then taken through our extensive interview process.

Step 4 – Shortlist Presentation

By the fourth week you will be presented with a shortlist of usually between 4-6 top candidates accompanied by a full detailed summary, CV and compensation information. We will also discuss the candidates with you in a debrief call/meeting, talking through the search and market findings.

Step 5 – Interview Phase

Our experienced team of consultants will support you and the candidates throughout the interview process including preparation & debriefing, offer negotiation and counter offer counselling.

Step 6 – Completion

Once you are happy with your top candidate the search is complete. Our team will again support your business and your chosen candidate to ensure a smooth on-boarding and start date too.

What Are The Benefits Of A Premium Full Market Search?

Not only do you have direct communication, support and advice of our experienced team but there are a wide range of benefits to your company for a Premium Full Market Search solution.

  • Full market search providing best-fit shortlist and full market research findings – progress reports provided every 5 days of the search

  • A dedicated team of experienced consultants working on your role

  • Shortlist of the top performing candidates, as opposed to the best of the unhappy who are applying for positions

  • Higher rate of success down to extensive interview process and well motivated, hand selected candidates

  • A commitment and guarantee from SPS to continue until completion and find the best candidates for you

Our search solutions are crafted to place those positions that are; difficult to fill, with a niche skill set, confidential, succession planning or have a high strategic impact.

If you are looking to fill a position like this and need help doing so you can get in touch below.


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