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What To Offer Beyond The Salary?

The market for employers is currently highly competitive. For this reason, potential hires become increasingly attracted by additional benefits that go beyond the salary. After all, performance can also be recognised through benefits such as free gym membership or train tickets, contributing to engagement and retention as well – especially if employees can choose the benefits that suit them best. This raises the question which perks and benefits are currently in demand on the market and should therefore be offered by companies?

Especially since Covid-19, most employees have experienced the benefits of a hybrid model, which allows a mix of office and remote work, depending on the employee’s schedule and needs. This new working model has resulted in increased productivity, involving completed tasks and success, as well as improved well-being due to a better work-life balance and improved collaboration and relationships, both internally and externally. For this reason, studies show that 71% of British workers desire a flexible working option and prefer employers with this addition.

Not only has the pandemic created a desire to work flexibly, but also to strengthen social contacts, which have been maintained mainly through Zoom or Team Meetings in the last few years. A physical handshake alone or a hug, can evoke a feeling of intimacy, connection and empathy that is difficult to recreate on video. For this reason, social events in the company, whether it is a Christmas party, attending concerts or Halloween parties, are highly appreciated by employees, as it also contributes to relaxation and stress reduction.

Not only social events contribute to stress reduction, but also the presence of an office dog can positively influence the working atmosphere. Companies where employers as well as employees enjoy the possibility of bringing their dog to the office, call for a higher level of satisfaction at the workplace, since simply petting a dog lowers stress hormones and increases the level of the feel-good hormone. This leads to a higher productivity as well as to a more efficient working community.

Furthermore, a trend of increased recognition in the workplace is emerging, ideally adapted to the interests and personality of the individual. Incentives such as train tickets, wellness vouchers, newspaper subscriptions or even cinema tickets, which reflect the interest of employees based on surveys, prove to be a well-received scheme.

Introducing such additional benefits and rewards can greatly increase the attractiveness of the company, especially in comparison to the competition, and also boost the productivity of the employees. Nevertheless, if your company still needs assistance in finding the right qualified employees, SPS International is delighted to offer help on this journey.


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