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Celebrating Culture, Part 2: Jess and Aysun's Executive Search Stories

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

In our ongoing celebration of SPS International's award-winning culture, we're thrilled to introduce you to two more remarkable team members who, like Sam and Maria before them, offer unique perspectives on what makes SPS International a truly exceptional place to work.

Say hello to Jess and Aysun!

Jess's Perspective:

Jess from SPS International

"At the close of each month, we all sit down and celebrate both company-wide and personal achievements," Jess shares. "Exceptional performance is always acknowledged and celebrated through star player rewards, quarterly dinners, and bi-annual trips for target hitters." Our commitment to recognising hard work is a cornerstone of our culture.

But it's not just about rewards. Jess emphasises our management team's dedication to career growth and employee well-being: "Our management team prioritises our career growth and really does care about us as individuals and our overall well-being." This focus on holistic development fosters a culture where employees can thrive both professionally and personally.

What's more, SPS International is more than just a workplace; it's a community. "This has cultivated a culture where we proactively organise social events like football games and wine and cheese nights, spending quality time with our colleagues outside of work," Jess adds. Our close-knit community encourages collaboration, friendships, and a sense of belonging from day one.

As a relatively new member of the team, Jess experienced this welcoming culture firsthand: "I've felt at home immediately in a welcoming atmosphere that allows me to turn to anyone, whether it's the Managing Directors, Team Leads, or fellow colleagues." This supportive and judgment-free environment empowers employees to learn and grow with confidence.

Aysun's Perspective:

Aysun from SPS International

Aysun sheds light on how SPS International goes the extra mile: "SPS always goes the extra mile for its employees, whether it's supporting you in your professional career growth or personal circumstances and needs."

Aysun shares her personal journey: "My transition into recruitment wasn't smooth initially. I had doubts about my skills and capabilities and at times felt disheartened by setbacks. However, the 'honest culture' encouraged me to speak up about my doubts, leading to the support I needed to develop my skills and succeed in recruitment."

Wins are celebrated in style at SPS International. "We celebrate milestones and achievements through a range of incentives and fun rewards such as trips abroad, quarterly expenses, thoughtful gifts tailored to each person, and much more," Aysun explains. We try to make sure that hard work is always recognised and appreciated.

Winning the esteemed People's Platform Award 2023 in the Recruitment & Executive Search category has helped us share the stories from our team members and we're incredibly proud of the effort they put in, day in day out.


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