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Celebrating Culture: Sam & Maria's Executive Search Stories

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

We are thrilled and immensely proud to announce that SPS International has been honoured with the prestigious People's Platform Award 2023 in the Recruitment & Executive Search category. This achievement is testament to our dedication to fostering an exceptional workplace culture that places our employees at the heart of everything we do.

We are pleased to see our commitment to creating an environment where our team members thrive, feel valued, and are empowered to excel, recognised on such a significant platform. This award is not just a validation of our efforts, but a celebration of our incredible employees who contribute their dedication, passion, and talent day in and day out.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to every member of the SPS family – your hard work and enthusiasm have made this achievement possible. This award belongs to each one of you, and together, we look forward to continuing our journey of excellence, innovation, and employee-centricity.

Spotlighting Success

To provide a glimpse into the essence of our award-winning ethos, we had the privilege of chatting with two of our team members, Sam and Maria, who shared their thoughts and experiences, encapsulating the spirit of SPS International.

Sam's Perspective:

Sam from SPS International

"What sets our award-winning culture apart from others?"

Sam says, "At SPS you feel like you are genuinely working with your friends every day and people that have the same values."

"We work with many fantastic multinational organisations around the world and honestly feel we make a real difference with the placements we make."

"How does our company go the extra mile for its employees?"

"SPS always makes sure that we feel supported in all areas of the job, but also make an effort to promote mental health too. Prioritising the well-being of our team members is not just a commitment, but a core value that ensures their holistic growth and success.

"SPS celebrates achievements in many ways like vouchers for monthly star player, meals out in top London restaurants for quarterly target hitters as well as meals out for birthdays (and days off), 6 month club trip away in Europe for all target hitters for 6 months of the year."

"Can you share a memorable example of how our culture supports work-life balance and personal growth?"

Sam cites a tangible example of our flexibility, "Changing our working hours to be more flexible, allowing us to go to the gym over lunch, for example, instead of adhering to a rigid 1-hour lunch break. If you get your work done, you can work how you like."

Maria's Perspective:

Maria from SPS International

"What makes you proud to work for SPS?"

Maria said, "Being a smaller company, we retain a real personal feel within the organisation, each employee’s individual growth is prioritised and the door is always open to discuss any matter or issue."

"I am very proud to work for a company that puts its employees first... and retains the personal, family feel where every employee is important and valued, and their personal development is prioritised."

"How does the SPS celebrate achievements and milestones?"

"We have multiple reward and benefit schemes that reward those who work hard and go the extra mile, meaning that you always get out what you put into the job."

"There is extensive recognition of both employee and company-wide achievement, with personal milestones individually celebrated monthly, and group activities organised to recognise high performance."

"What values or principles do you think make our culture stand out?"

"After working for SPS for two years, I then left to pursue my Master's Degree... SPS were more than happy to welcome me back to the company, where I have been for another 2 years!"

"We have a very strong, collaborative culture that means that teams work together, with a bit of healthy competition!"

SPS International proudly embraces its award-winning culture, a reflection not just of accolades but of the vibrant community we've nurtured – a community that rejoices in achievements, nurtures growth, and thrives on collaborative values. With our exceptional team at its core, we look forward to the continued journey of excellence and innovation in the realm of executive search consultancy.

Watch out for more success stories from SPS employees and their journeys through executive search with SPS.


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