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Executive Search Strategy - What are The Steps?

When you’re paying for an executive search process, it’s our aim to ensure complete transparency throughout each step and the very best results for your business.

As such, we’ve shared our executive search strategy below, which has been tried and tested time and again to guarantee we find the right candidates for roles in all the sectors we cover.

As executive search experts, we use meticulous research methods to ensure we only bring you the most appropriate candidates that provide a strong competency and performance fit for your business and industry, but also a great cultural fit too.

Take a look at our executive search strategy below to get a good idea of the processes you can expect to use when working with us.

Executive Search Strategy - What are The Steps?

1. Position briefing

In this first step of the executive search process, we work with you to understand in detail what your needs are. This can include the needs of the role and of the personal requirements you might have too.

This is an extremely important step in the process, as it gives us the opportunity to fully understand what your priorities are when looking for an individual to fill an executive role within your business.

As this is often such an influential position, spend a great deal of time with you to determine the skill level required, industry experience and abilities you might be looking for.

From this information we can develop a customised job description and specification, clearly highlighting the experience, qualifications and competencies we are looking for when we search the market for appropriate candidates.

This goes a long way in shaping our approach to finding your next executive hire.

2. Recruitment Phase

This phase can take place over the course of four weeks, which allows us time to explore our pre-established network for opportunities, and to utilise our extensive research methods in order to find new candidates.

By doing this, we can uncover potential individuals who may not be actively or visibly searching for a new role, but who have the experience and skills needed to meet your requirements to a very high level.

Throughout this time, we proactively reach out to appropriate candidates and sell your opportunity to them, which gives us a far greater reach and influence than traditional advertorial recruitment methods.

And, on our longer search contracts, our team can be in contact with anything between 100-150 potential candidates who all have the potential to offer the skills, qualifications and requirements you’re looking for.

3. Shortlist Presentation

From this large number of candidates, we use rigorous assessment methods, based against the requirements we carved out with you in step 1 of the executive search strategy, in order to whittle down the search to just a handful of individuals. This is usually between 4-6 people.

In addition to the CV of these candidates, you’ll also receive a detailed summary profile of each person, which is developed by our expert search consultants. This will outline how appropriate they are for a position within your organisation and give you a clear idea of where their strengths lie.

Furthermore, we will also organise a call with you to discuss the findings and the results of the market findings, so you have a full and transparent view of the process as a whole.

4. Interview Phase

Once you’ve chosen who you’d like to interview from our shortlist selection, we will support you with the interview process.

This can include preparation work and debriefing consultation to ensure you feel confident and supported in the decision making element of the process. We’re here as an expert sounding board.

When you’ve made a decision on who you’d like to offer the role to, we can also help with offer negotiation, along with counter offer counselling too.

With this, we can help to ensure all the conditions are met on both sides to promote a rewarding outcome for you.

Executive Search Strategy - What are The Steps?

5. Completion

Our services don’t end once the job is offered to the new hire.

We also offer completion services to ensure a smooth transition into the new role. We work with yourself and the new hire to establish a start date that works for both parties.

Furthermore, we’re on hand to support a smooth onboarding process for your new starter, to ensure you both have everything you need for a strong beginning.

We’ll regularly communicate with you as the client and with the new hire throughout the notice period so you can rest assured everything is going as planned from start to finish. Furthermore, we’ll be in touch once they start in your role to ensure the transition is going well.

Executive Search Strategy

As you can see, our executive search strategies utilise proactive techniques and methods that are specifically tailored to your needs, and designed to find high quality candidates.

Compared to traditional advertorial methods of recruiting, we can provide a guarantee that the candidates that come across your desk at the shortlisting stage of the process all have the skills, experience and qualifications that would make them a good fit for your role.

So, if you’d like to find out more about how we can support you in making your next game-changing executive hire, get in touch with our team of experts today.


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